Keg Information

What You Need To Know About Kegs.

Kegs are a “must have” at any large party. Kegs are easy to setup and clean up. We put together an easy guide that covers everything you need to know about setting up a keg for your next event. If you have any questions about kegs or would like to schedule a pick-up order, please call us. All keg shells and use of taps require a deposit fee. Keg Basics: How Many Beers Are In A Keg? (estimated)   1/2 Keg (most commonly used)  o Holds 160 12oz servings (16 gallons) o Weighs 170 pounds when full and is two feet high. 1/4 Keg (pony keg) o Holds 80 12oz beers (8 gallons) o Weighs 85 pounds full   1/6 Keg o Holds 50 12oz beers (5 gallons) o Weighs 60 pounds full Keg Tips:   Wait - Let the keg settle for two hours after traveling before tapping. Ice -  Think of beer as if it were milk, keep it cold at all times. Place the keg in a suitable container, such as a large bucket, and pack ice around the outer circumference. Tap Type - Make sure you have the right tap for the keg. Most American beers use a Sankey keg tap. Foreign beers will use a different type of tap. Please ask when renting a keg to make sure you have correct type. Pump - Pump the keg a few pumps and start by filling a pitcher. The first few beers will be very foamy. 24 Hours - A tapped keg will stay fresh for about 24 hours.   6 Steps To Tapping A Keg Correctly: Step #1. Before starting, make sure to have the correct tap for the keg before leaving the liquor store. Domestic beers and import beers require different taps. Step #2. Before inserting the tap into the keg, make sure the keg has had adequate time to settle.  Step #3. Push the tap into the top of the keg, make sure the handle is in the up position. Turn the tap clockwise until the tap is tight. Step #4. Pull the lever down on the tap to lock in place. Step #5. Push down on the nozzle to begin pouring the beer. The first few cups will have lots of foam. Only us the pump on the tap when the beer starts to drip. Step #6. To reduce foam, do not over pump the keg. Tilt the beer cup at a 45 degree angle when pouring.
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