The Different Types Of Beers.

The production of beer goes back to at least 6,000 years. Beer is made from malted grains or grains that have been sprouted and heated. The brewing of beer involves converting the grain to sugar. It is then fermented with various forms of yeast and flavorings and preserved with hops. Hops are a flower that is known to have a bitter taste and is used to balance the sweetness of malt. Beer has an alcohol percentage between 2.0% to 16%. Ingredient Variations: Grain Rye Wheat Barley Corn Rice Millet Apples Malt and Fruit Ginger and Raisins Pears Ginger Potatoes The Spectrum Of Beers
Popular Beer Brands: Budweiser Amstel Heineken Miller Coors Samuel Adams
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GOLDEN ALE Taste: Astringent, Bitter, Sweet Odour: Estery, Fruity, Cereal DARK ALE Taste: Bitter, Sweet, Rich Odour: Fruity, Caramel STOUT Taste: Bitter, Rich Odour: Caramel, Burnt
LAGER: Taste: Bitter, Sweet Odour: Hoppy, Cereal PILSENER Taste: Bitter Odour: Floral, Hoppy, Grainy, Malty WHEAT BEER Taste: Carbonation Odour: Estery, Fruity, Phenolic
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